Aeris IoT SaaS Facilitates Keyless Vehicle Operation with Innovative Training Session

In a significant move towards advancing vehicle technology and security, Aeris IoT SaaS, led by Shweta Berry, provided an insightful training session. The team demonstrated the capabilities of APIs and IoT modules in integrating with vehicles to enable keyless operation and IoT connectivity.

The session was a resounding success, accelerating our journey towards IoT-enabled vehicles. Aeris IoT SaaS has successfully installed their IoT solution on the vehicle, offering a range of advanced features. The vehicle can now be tracked, and all telematics data can be collated in a single, user-friendly dashboard.

In a world where remote control is fast becoming the norm, the vehicle can now be locked and unlocked via a simple SMS command. This feature adds an additional layer of security and convenience, bringing vehicle technology to the fingertips of the user.

Aeris IoT SaaS, with their innovative solutions and practical training, has truly helped us in a great way.