Winning the Best Construct Award at Electrathon 2023

We are thrilled to share our experience of winning the Best Construct Award at the prestigious Electrathon 2023, organized by Llyod Institute of Engineering and Technology. This week-long contest was an incredible journey of learning, innovation, and technical expertise, where we were tasked with building a 2-wheeler electric cycle.

The Learning Phase

The first few days of the event were dedicated to learning. Workshops were conducted by industry experts who shared their knowledge on the underlying concepts of electric vehicles, specifically focusing on 2-wheelers. This phase was critical in understanding the technicalities and planning our model’s design and functionality effectively.

The Construction Phase

Post the learning phase, we moved on to the construction of our 2-wheeler electric cycle. This was the most challenging, yet exciting part of the contest. Ensuring the optimal use of resources, balancing the weight, and incorporating efficient electric mechanisms were some of the aspects we had to constantly keep in mind. Despite the complexities, seeing our plans materialize into a working model was immensely rewarding.

The Judgement Phase

The final days of Electrathon 2023 were all about judgement. Our 2-wheeler electric cycle was put through various rigorous rounds. These included a technical inspection round, an acceleration round, a braking test, a business plan, and an innovation test. Each round was designed to assess different aspects of our work, pushing us to our limits and testing our cycle’s efficiency and innovation.


Winning the Best Construct Award at Electrathon 2023 was a testament to our hard work, learning, and innovative approach. This journey not only equipped us with technical skills and a deeper understanding of electric vehicles, but also instilled in us a sense of teamwork and resilience. I am grateful for this experience and look forward to applying these learnings in my future endeavors.