Zentorc Receives Seed Fund From Sharda University

Zentorc has recently received a significant seed fund from Sharda University. This investment will be a crucial stepping stone in accelerating the development of Zentorc’s first vehicle prototype and required tech stack to support their business. With this fund, Zentorc can continue to pursue its mission of providing an eco-friendly, efficient, and affordable mode of transportation to the masses.

The team at Zentorc is thrilled with this investment and looks forward to using this opportunity to bring its vision to life. The development of Zentorc’s first vehicle prototype will undoubtedly require extensive research, development, and testing. With this investment, Zentorc can significantly expedite this process and bring its innovative solution to market much faster.

Sharda University’s investment in Zentorc is a testament to the potential of the company and the impact it can make in the micro-mobility space. Zentorc’s innovative solution has the potential to revolutionize transportation and provide a sustainable mode of transportation for urban commuters.

The seed fund from Sharda University is a significant milestone in Zentorc’s journey. This investment will enable Zentorc to continue developing its innovative solution and ultimately bring its vision to life.